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Blotched Rebuild Rebuild of Raid array using  incorrect disk elements or wrong sequence, resulting in irreversible lost of data
Chkdsk Windows built in utility tor repair file system corruption. Not advisable to use as it will perform write on disk and result in data lost
Degraded Mode During disk failures, due to built-in tolerance of RAID configuration, data volume is still accessible but may be running at slower performance
Mirroring Store identical data accross disks
Parity Set of data blocks are computed to give a checksum called parity so in case any data block is missing, the value of the missing data block can be recomputed from the checksum together with the  remaining data blocks
RAID Controller PCI or PCI Express card (could be integrated to montherboard) to provide a level of abstration layer between operating systems and physical drives which are then presented as logical units for which data protection or performance or capacity can be defined.
RAID Rebuilt A process to bring  back the RAID servers back to its healthy condition by replacing the faulty disk and regenerating data/parity back to the new disk
Stripping Split  the data into   certain size and then written to the individual disks in turn.
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