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Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
Direct-Attached Storage or DAS is the storage system that is  directly attached to the computer server accessing it via a host bus adapter, be it SCSI, SATA or SAS interface. Historically, this is the earliest type of configuration before NAS or SAN start to get popular. If other client devices need to access the data in the storage system, the server OS will then have to manage and share out the needed data across network. Ideally, this is not as flexible and easy as dedicated NAS for user file sharing.

Again, the storage may  implement any RAID level to enhance the performance, capacity and fault tolerance requirements.

In terms of performance, the server does not have to traverse the network in order to read and write data from the storage so it has rather good performance. DAS is suitable for applications that require dedicated storage resources such as database or mail server operations.

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